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About Us

Life is so beautiful when you enjoy it at its fullest. When you don’t have to worry about the back pain that you have in you back while dancing on the beats of your music system. When you don’t have to think twice before running when your little one says you to have a race with him. When you don’t have to be afraid from diabetes before having a sip of your favorite cappuccino. Just imagine those moments when everyday of yours will be filled with happiness, excitement, energy, fearless eating and adventures. We here, at fitnesscorps make it sure that our clients live life of their dreams, living every moment as if there is no tomorrow.

We are a team of certified yoga , marital art, fitness and nutrition expert. Working for your health is not just a profession but a passion for us. Don’t you have time to go to the gym? Or you have a small baby at home who cannot be left alone; or you want your old parents or grandparents feel more active and energetic. At Fitnesscorps you will be provided with various fitness activities door to door if you don’t have time to go to the gym, or you face parking & safety issues. We have different sessions available for Golden agers , pregnant women & patients suffering from depression as they don’t prefer working out with loud music.

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