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here is the answer for your curiosity ,

1 You will listen a ting tong on your door bell just before 2 minutes of your workout time

2 Soon after greetings our instructor will help you to get warmed up with various of mobility exercises depending upon your body’s efficiency and workout intensity

3 Then our instructor will take you to the main course which is your workout , your workout will be depending on your fitness goal if you want to learn kick boxing our instructor will teach how to punch or kick , if your goal is the gain strength then our instructor will give you specific workout for your strength gain , if your goal is to push your endurance then our instructor will push you untill the last rep that you can achieve .

4 Even if you are a golden ager and not having workout experience even then our instructor will help you to get rid of your joint weakness and painful post workout sourness.Paragraph

5 After your workout session our instructor will guide you how to stretch your self without external help and this stretching will really make your body feel very light and make you ready for your day .

If you still don’t get your answer , you must book a trail today .

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