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Sports Conditioning

Have you ever had a coach tell you to improve your performance? For many, this can be difficult to address. How do you learn to run faster, throw farther or hit faster? With the help of a sports conditioning specialist. These experts understand how the human body works and are able to design programs that will improve its performance in a healthy way.

The staff who work on our Sports Performance team will help you improve the weaknesses that have been holding you back in your sport, whether in or off season. Our sports conditioning programs will help you:


The weight room is an important place for an athlete in any sport. While building and strengthening muscles is crucial to your performance on the field, it poses a risk of hurting yourself. A sports conditioning specialist will teach you the proper form and technique to have when lifting weights in different positions.


Athletes have a tendency to experience injuries outside of the weight room as well. Even the most common injuries can be prevented by keeping your muscles strong and the tendons and ligaments you rely on flexible. Your sports conditioning specialist will design a program with exercises to specifically target the muscles you use most in your given sport.


The skills you need to be successful in a sport vary; some you simply have to be born with. However, these four factors come into play for every athlete at some point in some way:

  • Strength: Without strength, we remain stagnant, never improving our sports performance.
  • Balance: A sense of balance allows you to remain in control of how your body moves.
  • Agility: When an athlete is agile, they can make quick movements gracefully.
  • Speed: Every athlete wants to be faster! Speed is an advantage on any sports team.
  • Aerobic endurance: Aerobic fitness or endurance, is the ability to exercise continuously for extended periods without tiring.
  • Anaerobic power: Short-term activities (usually high intense) in which muscle fibers derive contractile energy from store internal compounds without the use of oxygen from the blood. these compounds include ATP, CP and Glycogen.
  • Flexibility: Your ability to flex, extend or circumduct your body’s joints through their full intended range of motion without substantial decrement in limit strength.
  • Coordination: Coordination is the ability to move two or more body parts under control, smoothly and efficiently.

What is required to excel:

  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Anaerobic power and capacity
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

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